In honor of  those who have served with Canadas Naval Force or have lost their lives while serving our country, I am privileged to be able to post the following tributes in their memory... If you have a friend or loved one you would like to have listed please contact the webmaster...
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This page was last updated: October 14, 2006
LCdr Frank Herrington USNR
One of the original Gray Ghosts while on loan from the United States Navy attached to VF-870 Banshee squadron. Frank was the last fixed wing pilot out of Vietnam on 29 April 1975, while serving with Air America, an airline owned by the CIA. The RCN wings are worn with pride on his US Navy uniform.On March 18, 2005, LCdr Frank Herrington  was buried at Arlington National Cemetary with full military honors.

                            A very colorful and modest warrior.
Under The cat
Trooper Mark Andrew Wilson
Corporal Robert Mitchell
Sgt. Craig Paul Gillam
Private Josh Klukie
Cpl. Keith Morley
Pte. David Byers
Cpl. Shane Keating
Cpl. Glen Arnold
Warrant Officer Richard Nolan
Private Mark Anthony
Private. William Cushley
Sgt. Shane Stachnik
Warrant Officer Frank Mellish
Cpl. David Braun
Cpl. Andrew James Eykelenboom
Master Cpl. Jeffrey Walsh
Master Cpl. Raymond Arndt
Cpl. Christopher Reid
Sgt. Vaughan Ingram.

Cpl. Bryce Keller
Pte. Kevin Dallaire
Cpl. Francisco Gomez
Cpl. Jason Patrick Warren
Cpl. Anthony Boneca
Capt. Nichola Goddard
Cpl. Randy Payne
Cpl. Matthew Dinning
Lieut. William Turner.
Bombardier Myles Mansell
Pte. Robert Costall
Cpl. Paul Davis
Master Cpl. Tim Wilson
Pte. Braun Scott Woodfield
Cpl. Jamie Brendan Murphy
Sgt. Robert Short
Cpl. Robbie Beerenfenger
Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer
Sgt. Marc Leger
Pte. Richard Green
Pte. Nathan Smith