HMCS BONAVENTURE                       
This page is being put together to hopefully bring together once again the Commissioning Crew of HMCS Bonaventure at Belfast Northern Ireland  in 1957, as well as to identify handlers from their course photo's.  With your assistance I hope to re unit the flight deck crews of 1957 and from their photo identification to further preserve  this era in Canadian Naval History.
If you can recall a name or if you where there in 1957 submit your name to me using the green box.
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Bill Christie
Frank Garel
Cy Gilhen
Jim McHugh
Rick Rankine
Freddy Blume
Ron Bezant
Harold Williams
Al Camp
Jim King
Wayne Buttle
LeRoy Carter
Ronald W. Rochon
George Clarke
Terry Murphy
Jim McHugh
Don Pratt
Rick Maze
Paul Hurst
Fred Despins
Stuart Tock
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Harold G. Smith
Charles White
Norm Kleyh
Ron Dibbley
Bill Rowe
George Sinkins
Lou Majoros
leroy carter
Dave Richards
John MacLean
Harold Eastwood
Sherwood  McQueen
Edward Bruce Wiley
Grant  Smith
Don  Idle
Alan  Field
Sam  McGhee
Paul  Johnson
Robert Mc Chaul
Herman g. Hyatt
Victor Peters
Ray McKay
John Davidson
Jacques Sylvestre
Dougie Agnew
Stewart Shackell
John E. (Jack) Walton
Ralph W. Higgs
Jim   Gohm

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