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                    To The Memory of H.M.C.S. Bonaventure

                    She sailed on waves of glory,

                    Into our history.

                    Those left must tell her story,

                    And keep her memory.

                    Her glory days were ended,

                    Her time of youth and pride,

                    Had washed away forever,

                    Like the ebbing of the tide.

                    Her hull was tired and aging,

                    Her nuts and bolts were loose,

                    Electrical fires kept raging,

                    Her accidents, no excuse.

                    She slipped into the Basin,

                    In the darkest dark of night,

                    A plane was hanging overboard,

                    She could not hide her plight.

                    They sent her out for refit,

                    But her time and fate were sealed,

                    The call came,"Decommission!"

                    And the Bonnie had to yield.

                    Her hull has gone forever,

                    But in memory, now and then,

                    She sails on waves of glory,

                    In the hearts of many men.

                    Men who spent their youth upon her,

                    With the wind upon their face,

                    And the thrill of expectations,

                    Sailing to some unknown place.

                    To the men who sailed upon her,

                    In the portals of their mind,

                    This ship will sail forever,

                    Until the end of time.

                    And sometimes, late of evening,

                    When in sleep and dreams they lie,

                    They can hear a Bosun,s whistle,

                    And a cry, "Aye,ready,aye!".

                    So they raise the Ensign in their minds,

                    To honour and salute you,

                    And praise you for a job well done,

                    Bonaventure!_______Bravo Zulu!

                                         Maisie Dalzell

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