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I have done a lot of research on the internet to obtain pictures and material that many history buffs and retired individuals have placed there through their love of the Navy as well as personal talent. A lot of work goes into making this material available to an inspiring web master such as myself, and I would like to give credit to those who made this site possible through their donations.

The above Banner and many of the buttons were the work of Joe Walker at Wizard Design, there is a link on my main page to Joe's other talents. He re worked a gif that Sandy McClearn had made from scratch. Joe put a flashing light behind it and it now adorns my main page. Evan Boudreau's talents  produced the Naval Roundel that adorns my squadron banner,and his Carrier web site was the source for a great many of the photographs that appear on numorous pages and animations, also on my pages. Many of the pictures you will find here are from sites dedicated to the fleet air arm, such as Haze Gray and Underway, Mac's navy Links and each are linked from my "links" page, in appreciation of their images and a great respect for their talents.  Chris Murphy the son of an Air Bos'n has signed on as a animator and has done a fantastic job bringing the Bonnie and Maggie back to life. Look for more of Chris's great work as we go along.Ted Fallen a retired naval Aviator has agreed to do editing, and is a source of knowledge I have been able to tap through his committment to this site.

Mac's navy Links, Haze  Grey & Underway, the Paul E. Moore collection, The Shearwater naval Museum, Manitoba Naval Museum, Aberta Naval Museum, the Fleet Air Arm Archive, The naval Air Association, The Fleet Air Arm etc.Thanks to Hal Zurbin of the CPO'S Naval Association for   Stu Sowards Tragedy Of Success, Pat Burstall for Her print, CPO1 John Daley for the Air Bos'n History fact sheet,Carl Wright at CNAG, Pat Ryan at "Seasoned Sailors",The Maple Leaf Forever web site, and numerous other web sites and individuals that have given to me the incentive and provided the photo's that I needed to build this site. Those individuals who spend many hours developing and maintaining these sites are to be commended for their fabulous work and devotion to the Canadian Aircraft Carrier, the Royal canadian Navy, its members, and our Armed Forces in general.

My appreciation to all of the above, plus individual collections sent to me for the Crowsnest, Their help and encouragement is most appreciated and if I have left anyone out please email me and I will certainly acknowledge your assistance.

John Emrick

Bravo Zulu to you all...