1946 - 1972
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By Stu Soward
It gave us moments of fear and loneliness, kinship and challenge, joy and sorrow, pride, tragedy, and triumph. It became part of us then and is part of us now. It will be with us till the end of our days....
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mattawa Lodge # 405
Under The cat
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HMCS WARRIOR               HMCS MAGNIFICENT               HMCS BONAVENTURE                       
Used on aircraft carriers to launch planes quickly and without the benefit of a long runway. The catapult hauls the air craft forward at a rate of 0 to 160 mph in just two seconds. We in the Air Department were assigned mess decks located directly UNDER THE CAT....
" Some fields of human endeavor endure and become routine, while others are cut off before their time but live on in the memory to become legendary.
Such was the fate of Canadian Carrier-bourne Aviation. In 25 years, aircraft of the Royal Canadian Navy reached their peak of efficiency, flying from HMCS Bonaventure. Their achievements were equalled by few, if any Navies of the world."

                                                                   Vice Admiral J.C. (Scruffy) O'Brian